Family Sailing Vacations - Chartering a Yacht with Children

Family Sailing Vacations - Chartering a Yacht with Children

If you're planning a family sailing charter, we recommend a chartering a catamaran. 

Catamarans are wonderful for children - they offer a lot of inside play space, they don't rock back and forth when tacking, and the children will love being on the forward trampolines and jumping off the stern deck.

Successful charter vacations with children, however, do require some planning and rule enforcement. In talking with others who have chartered with kids, here are some basic suggestions:

Set clear safety rules. Discuss the rules of a charter before the trip and reinforce them the moment you get on the boat.

 Rules are:

  • Always wear life vests when not in the cockpit
  • Never leave a boat without permission from an adult
  • Never go to the front of the boat without an adult
  • The skipper is the boss, his word is law
  • No running or horseing around, ever
  • Always swim in twos, like at camp
  • Know which parent is in charge - don't assume, make a schedule

Bring lot of Beach and Water Toys. Make sure their snorkeling equipment fits and works.

Expose them to the art of sailing. Show them the charts, the instruments. Have them use the winch and push the button for the anchor. They will feel more "connected" and begin a lifelong love affair with boats.

Expose them to nature. Buy fish and wildlife guides, so they can learn more about what they're seeing.


These family vacations are much better than a family cruise ship experience or hotel stay, because you can see more, have your own space and personal attention and can spend lots of time exploring and enjoying the best of the islands, beaches and reefs.

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