These vary from boat to boat and are based on the size, age and model of the boat. The driving force of the boat and the area you are travelling in also need to be taken into account. You should ask the boat provider for a safety briefing.

Immediately call the emergency services for the country of the waters you are sailing in, and follow the emergency procedure.

If you are an EU citizen you do not need a visa to travel within the European Union. If you want to travel outside the EU or you are not an EU citizen, you should look into the entry requirements for your chosen destination at least two months before travelling to allow enough time for your documentation to be processed. Always make sure your passport is still valid for a period of six months.

Especially before travelling to tropical areas, ask your doctor about the necessary vaccinations and precautions. Consult your doctor around six months before departure as some vaccinations must be administered several times. You can take a look under our medical requirements section to find out more.

The Captain and crew will gladly instruct you in the use of the yachts water sports equipment. Jet-skies can be operated by the charterers themselves but only with care and due consideration for the peace and safety of other yachtsmen, swimmers etc. Tenders may only be used in the company of experienced crew members.

Your mobile phone will likely have signal only some of the time, and in the remote areas there is none. The yachts satellite communications phone, fax and email can be used in these instances but do incur costs per minute.

Normally no pets are allowed but if you insist, we could make some arrangements. Please contact us if you have such a request.

As an experienced charter broker we can offer you a yacht charter in any country. 

And please contact us for special charters, for example if you wish to charter the first week in the Southern Caribbean and the next week in the Northern Caribbean or in the Mediterranean so we can arrange this for you.

Activities are many and varied. For example we offer water sports that include: Kitesurfing, Snorkeling, Jet-skiing, Scuba Diving, Bill fishing, Bone fishing, Water-skiing, and Windsurfing. We will also do our best to accommodate any other activities you may request at time of booking.

Sailing is not an expensive sport, unless you choose to race at the highest level! You don´t need to have your own boat to sail. Rent a boat. There are so many different types of boat, there will be one or more that suit you well. Once you have a little experience you will now what type of sailing you want to do. Renting a boat is more affordable than ever. If you´re going on summer vacation with your friends or family, the cost of sailing during the same time will usually be significantly less. When you divide the total amount of boat rent with number of persons on boat the cost drops to 150 - 300 EUR per person per week. Cheaper than you thought, right?

You will receive your booking confirmation with your reference number immediately upon booking. The charter will send you a contract with the details of your trip.

Each boat listing has a list of included services/extras (i.e. cleaning fees etc.) that are included in the rental price. You may choose to add a skipper and the booking price will immediately update to include this charge. Fuel charges and marina fees is not included in the price.

The transit log is a standard fee that covers the taxes and licence fees payable at the marina directly to the charter company. It is a fee that varies depending on the boat, the charter company and the country, and must be paid no matter which charter company you choose.

The Tourist Tax is a tax that certain municipalities or regions charge tourists which serves as a contribution towards the maintenance of local facilities. It is a small, daily charge that is stated per person per day (for example, 1 EUR per person per day) and is paid at the marina to the charter company. The amount will differ by country.

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