Winter And Spring Sailing In The Caribbean

Winter And Spring Sailing In The Caribbean

Winter And Early Spring Sailing in the Caribbean 2018/2019

Have you ever wished to replace the chilly winter blues with clear blue skies and windswept snowy streets with endless white sand beaches? If you prefer a cold cocktail to warm tea, escape the winter gloom and frost and spend your winter vacation in the tropics.

With the first snows in the northern hemisphere waiting just around the corner, offers you an opportunity to recharge your batteries with a sailing adventure of a lifetime. Some of our most popular destinations include: 

British Virgin Islands

Although a part of the British Overseas Territory, the US dollar is the official currency on the islands due to their proximity and frequent trade with the US. Winter and early spring are the best seasons to experience the genuine local upbeat Caribbean culture without the crushing crowds of summer holidays.

Take a stroll through the picturesque little port towns, visit iconic sailors bars and open air restaurants nestled in palm groves, swim in crystal clear waters and snorkel at some of the most beautiful snorkeling spots in the world, explore hidden bays, numerous caves and ancient shipwrecks. The seas are calm and warm with temperatures above 80°F (26°C) even during the coldest months.

The British Virgin Islands consist of more than 50 islands, islets and cays, most of which are uninhabited and waiting for you to explore them and claim them as your own little kingdom for a day or two.

The islands were first visited and named by Cristopher Columbus who likened the numerous islands and cays to the ancient legend of Saint Ursula and her 11 000 virginal handmaidens.  

Rich history of the islands dates back hundreds of years ago and is evident in historic colonial architecture you can find in most of the old port towns. Regardless of whether you wish to explore the scenic tidal pools and grottos of The Baths or attend the famed full moon parties in january and dance on the moonlit beach until the dawn in the true Caribbean fashion, British Virgin Islands have something to offer for everyone.


The largest and the most populated island is Tortola, where the capital of Road Town is located. Road Town is one of the most premier yachting centers in the Caribbean region, as it provides numerous berthing facilities and services for all yachties.

The majestic island of Tortola has beautiful hiking trails all the way up to the summit of Sage Mountain National Park, where one can explore the untouched rainforest and enjoy the view from the highest peak of the British Virgin Islands. Party animals will be interested in the artsy Bomba's Surfside Shack, one of the most iconic spots on the island, known for hosting rowdy full moon parties and for being the place where one can even try the psychodelic mushroom tea.


The best place to start the new year is at Foxy's,  one of the most famous beach bars on Jost Van Dyke island, known for it's New Years Eve parties that are frequented by yachties and celebrities. If you'd prefer a quiet night under the starry sky, simply set off to seas and anchor in one of the hidden bays. 

The easiest way to get to British Virgin Islands from Canada and America is by a short connecting flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Alternatively, if you're travelling from Europe, you can book a direct flight from London or take a short connecting flight from other Caribbean airports such as Antigua, St Thomas, Puerto Rico, St Kitts or St Maarten.


¨The Spice Isle of the Caribbean“ is a marvelous island that boasts of wonderful mountainous rainforests, rare tropical flowers and endless sandy beaches.

A trip to Grenada wouldn't be complete without a visit to one of the spice plantations, rum distilleries or a ‘tree to bar tour’ to learn about the island's award-winning chocolate.

Grenada consists of the main island of Grenada and a chain of six smaller islands frequented by yachties. It has become a popular year-round destination with temperatures in the 80s (20-30°C) even during the coldest months. The dry season is from December to June, while the wet season is from July to November when showers are most likely and the humidity levels are high. What’s known as ‘hurricane season’ runs from June to November.

Grenada is known as an excellent area for sailing, in which one can anchor safely and find good wind conditions  throughout the year. 

It is very easily accessible, as it it connected by international airlines from North America and Europe by direct flights.


Grenada is well known for it's rich cultural heritage and the lively Caribbean spirit of it's inhabitants which is evident in numerous music, food and heritage festivals throught the year, as well as world famous regattas which are held on the island of Carriacou for over 50 years.

The Christmas time on the island is enriched by the events such as the Carriacou Parang Festival on the 14th of december where one can hear Christmas carols in the traditional Caribbean parang style, as well as 10th annual Carols by Candlelight under the starry night sky on the 2nd of december.

Party venues and numerous regattas start during january.

But regardless of whether your plan is to visit for the food and culture, architecture or nature, parties or relaxation under the warm, starry Caribbean night skies, Grenada has it all.

A bustling market square, historic forts, rum distilleries, spicy plantations, numerous beach bars and colorful coral reefs all constitute an exotic scenery on the main island. A visit to country´s inland offers impressive waterfalls, dense forests and hiking trails for all true adventurers.

With a skippered or bareboat luxury yacht, a motorboat or a catamaran, you can freely explore the numerous coves and secluded bays of this exotic island country in the manner of famous explorers of old. Visit all six other exotic islands all featuring wide sandy beaches and azure waters.

Nearby are many renowned sailing destinations to visit like Saint Vincent where you can choose your own private island and have the most relaxing moments of your yacht charter sailing vacation. Tranquility and exotic scenery is what you get from the heavenly islands.

The capital city, St. George´s offers panoramic views of the Caribbean sea. The beautiful capital features stunning architecture and intriguing beaches. You can start your yacht charter sailing vacation from St. George´s lovely marina.

With a beautiful market full of fresh local tropical fruit and spices, authentic local restaurants with world's most renowned delicacies and beautiful sandy beaches, there is no wonder why luxury yachts and sailboats swarm in capital´s marina to begin a yacht charter vacation.

A smooth sail towards the northeast leads you to the island of Carriacou. The heavenly landscape features crystal clear waters and scuba diving sites.

Anchor near a sandy beach and have fun swimming or snorkeling. Enjoy the beautiful view from your yacht deck or find a hammock to relax. Carriacou is used by many amateur sailors as a starting point for an extended cruise through the islands of the Grenadines. Grenada offers a number of berths and mooring facilities and a growing number of dry docks and repair shops for small repairs to the ship.

The largest town in the parish of St. John, Gouyave, offers a wonderful sailing experience. From there you can continue your yacht charter trip visiting picturesque fishing villages where you can experience the relaxing local atmosphere.

During your yacht charter sailing holiday in Grenada you can´t miss the stunning beaches of:

  • Saunteurs
  • L´Anse Aux Epines
  • Western poin
  • True Blue

 The official currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$). There are 24-hour ATMs dispensing EC$ all over Grenada and in Hillsborough, Carriacou, though you can also use US dollars in many situations.

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